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*Email Servers and Mobile Devices

-Email Security & Filtering
- Smartphone/Tablet Setup and Networking
- Email Hosting & Exchange Server Solutions

*Commercial Leasing & Enterprise Services

-Reputable Leasing Partners

- Lower Upfront Costs

- Flexible Pay Structures

*Corporate "Roll-Outs" and Upgrades

- PC, Monitor, Printer, and Server Roll-outs

Specialized corporate services from UES Technologies can provide the IT solutions you need to manage your company’s support needs. We understand the significance of technology to your business and provide the management and monitoring services that reduce risk, enhance service up-time, and avoid problems before they arise. We provide skilled engineered solutions when issues do arise to ensure problems are remediated quickly and the impact to business operations is minimized. Your network is a vital element of your business and we are able to offer personalized services to fit your specific needs. UES Technologies has on-staff certified network technicians and desktop support specialists that provide IT Support and Solutions on time and within budget.

Our services include, and are not limited to:

*Network Management:

- Administrations & Operations
- Maintenance & Provisioning
- Printer & File Sharing
- Virus Prevention, Detection & Removal
- Router, Firewall, & VPN Configuration
- Onsite and Remote Diagnostics & Troubleshooting
- Custom Designed Networks

*Backup and Recovery Services

- Off/On Site Backup
- Advanced Data Recovery
- Professional Imaging Software

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