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Government IT Solutions from UES Technologies include, but not limited to:

Government-specific technology services from UES Technologies can help you strengthen and modernize your department with IT solutions to meet the growing challenges you face and fulfill your unique business needs.

UES Technologies understands that your mission is to serve the public.  As an IT service provider with industry solutions tailored to meet government organizations’ needs, it’s our job to serve you with IT services that allow you to keep up with the changing technology, regulations and budgeting challenges.

UES has been bringing the latest technology and resources to municipalities in the UP, the tri-county and surrounding areas for the last 24 years. For data center management, disaster recovery, network management services or help desk operations, our IT solutions are ideal for Government administration. With our team of Network Engineers, UES Technologies has the capacity to implement the most advanced IT solutions. UES’ substantial list of clients includes local and state government entities. Faced with outdated hardware and software and vast data growth, our clients have turned to UES Technologies for IT Solutions including data center management, virtualization, and enterprise email services.

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*Contingency plans
           - security and backup solutions to ensure you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

*Communications strategies
          - contact centers and VOIP solutions to improve your response times & enhance client relationships.

*Modeling and simulation technologies
          - to plan for growth and provide scalability for ever-changing working environments.

*Work-flow solutions
          - increase efficiency with custom databases
          - document & file management solutions
          - imaging capabilities

*IT Network services

*Efficient productivity

*Leasing available for equipment or services

*Tools to improve your government agency’s internal & external operations